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Simplifying the college recruitment process

A platform to help connect committees with students and drive their events to success.
Source Code
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Sonic Chat

A simple website to help you communicate with anyone!

A messaging website which allows you to talk to anyone around you using just thier IDs!
Source Code
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Elders Connect

A sexy Flutter App which provides a smooth connection between the elderly and their far living children!

Helping the Junior Caretakers connect with their Senior Citizens to help them with medicines and their daily routines.
Wholesome right?
Source Code
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Attendance Manager

Another sexy Flutter App which helps you with your attendance!

A smart attendace management app which helps you be up to date with your attendance!
Pretty handy right?
Source Code
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An App that helps you retrieve information from any photo!

Ever had scanned copies you wanted to edit? Or maybe images from which you wished to extract information?
Aha! You're just a click away to find out the MAGIC! *winks*
Source Code
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DeMo Detector

Specially crafted for content creator!

Helping content creators by detecting advertiser unfriendly words in their script by automation!
Sick one right? We know!
Source Code
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N.O.W. Website

The very thing you're looking at!

with by:
Urmil Shroff
Sheona Das
Aajinkya Singh
Aryan Methil
Divyansh Vaidya
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