Make simple 2D games in 100 lines of JavaScript!

We taught people how to make the classic games of Snake and Flappy Bird - using just 100 lines of JavaScript code!



A Python workshop in the Summer

PyLearn was one of our most successful events ever, as well as one of the largest workshops ever held in MPSTME. Over the course of 1 week, we taught 100+ students how to code in Python!



Competing for the best Final Year Projects

Savishkar is an annual competition hosted by NOW in collaboration with the Computer Engineering Department of our college. It is a place for Final Year Computer Engineering students to showcase their FYPs and compete for the best and most innovative ones.

Android App Competiton

Android App Competition

Shedding light on the most skilled App Developers

We collaborated with the Department of Computer Engineering to organize the Android App Competition in April 2018. With an audience of over 200 students, our skills were put to the test as this was the first major event that NOW was a part of.

3D Printing Workshop

3D Printing

A hands-on 3D Printing workshop

A small workshop where students were taught how 3D Printers work, as well as get a live, hands-on demo of the printers. And oh, free samples to take home!